Bon Prix PD

Data Card: Bon Prix PD

The clothing at Bon Prix is great quality and remarkable value-for-money and all their sizes are the same price. 

As well as a huge range of womens fashion in sizes 6 to 32, they also have scores of shoes and accessories at low prices, along with loads of classic fashion essentials. 

In fact, with their wide range of clothing available at cheap prices - its never been easier to make the latest runway looks your own. But its not just unique womens fashion that makes Bon Prix stand out, they also do low price lingerie, menswear and kidswear so you can get excellent value fashion for all the family.

And because you wont find their fashion and footwear on the high street, you can be confident your outfit will be just as unique and individual as you.

Package Inserts
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Inhome Date Deadline Issue Circulation
04/01/2019 30,000
05/01/2019 30,000
06/01/2019 30,000
07/01/2019 30,000
08/01/2019 30,000
09/01/2019 30,000
10/01/2019 30,000
11/01/2019 30,000
12/01/2019 30,000

Insert Minimum Specs: 11.6929133 X 8.26771653

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