Femail Creations Package Insert Program

Data Card: Femail Creations Package Insert Program

Your insert will be placed in outgoing packages of Femail Creations merchandise. It is the goal of Femail Creations to make a difference  in the lives of women and children. Focusing support on women artists and women-owned businesses is unique to Femail Creations. The catalog contains gifts to celebrate and inspire women. Items include books, music, bath & body, kids, jewelry & accessories, pets, clothing, gardening, home decor, office and items for every occassion. TOTAL UNIVERSE: 40,212 Demographics Male:% Female: 88% Average Age: 43 Average Income: 60K Average Unit of Sale: $65

Package Inserts
12 per year
NA * National Footprint

For more information please contact Elarbee Media at (888) 735-2723 or contact@ElarbeeMedia.com.