Willow and Sage

Data Card: Willow and Sage

This brand-new publication features stunning photography, alongside recipes for creating handmade items that soothe and replenish both body and soul. In addition to showcasing natural bath salts and soaks, soaps, face masks, sugar scrubs, how to use essential oils, and more, Willow and Sage magazine highlights the art of presentation giving special attention to beautiful packaging and reveals how to create fragrant spa kits and must-have gift bundles for any occasion.

4 per year
NA * National Footprint

OnPage Full Page Specs: 7.375 X 9.8125
OnPage Half Page Specs: 7.375 X 4.8438
OnPage Third Page Specs: 2.313 X 9.8125
OnPage Qtr Page Specs: 3.563 X 4.8438

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