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Our Team

Kelly Elarbee - President

Kelly is a 20 year veteran of the advertising industry with a strong historical focus on Direct Response. While understanding the value of protecting and growing a brand, she also expects advertising to yield results. Kelly was raised and educated in the U.S. and internationally, occasionally even knowing her own address. She has a BA, Poli-Sci from McGill University, Montreal, Canada (always helpful in advertising), and an MBA she managed to get in London (how we don’t know). Learn More about Kelly here.

Cocktail Personality: Bordeaux. Full bodied, complex and blended from many different varieties, Bordeaux’s high alcohol content and strong tannins can slam into you like a Mack Truck. The dusty library book and forest floor flavors combined with its overall lack of sweetness embody just enough softness to make it work well. Always better when paired with something that compliments its personality.

red wine

Ryan Rager - Vice President | Partner

Ryan Rager is a 15 year I.T. veteran of the advertising world. Ryan graduated from the State University of West Georgia in 1999 with a Bachelor's in Computer Science. In his senior year he began work as an intern at Echo Media, and was immediately offered a full-time job by Echo upon graduation. Ryan spent the next 13 years at Echo Media. He became a partner in 2002 while developing an industry leading website and media planning tools. After 13 years with Echo Media, Ryan left to join forces with Kelly Elarbee and helped found Elarbee Media. Ryan specializes in PHP + MySQL + jQuery development and he has recently picked up a passion for photography and wearing kilts.

Cocktail Personality: Captain and Coke. Every now and then, you have to stand up from behind the computer, put your foot on a barrel of rum, and say “Aaaargh”. Otherwise, you are just a computer geek. This way, you are a computer geek with a personality that also speaks pirate! The personality is key for our clients. (Pirate speak - not so much.)

cpt coke

Kerri Moore – Creative Director

Kerri has all of the creative flightiness one expects from a creative director, pairing Dolce & Gabbana suits with horizontal stripped red and white tights. It is the kind of irreverence that needs to be reined in, but once it is, it can yield some real gems. Stretching the rest of us to be more open-minded is a significant asset she brings to the table.

Cocktail Personality: Craft Beer. Original and often surprising. Always enjoyable to taste, even when you may not want to ever order another.

craft beer

Patricia Vinette – Competitive Analyst

Originally from New York City, Patricia has moved more times than can be counted. Trained as both an artist and a teacher, the vagabond lifestyle of international sales exposed Patricia to world culture, and helped her develop a unique view of the business world. That filter is invaluable in keeping her fingers on the pulse of who is advertising, what they are advertising, when they are advertising, where they are advertising, why they are there, and how we either replicate or avoid those patterns for our clients. The tracking and ad review Pat does on a daily basis enables the ‘who, what, when where, why and how’ element of our business model to function.

Cocktail Personality: Australian Chardonnay. Not too sweet, but not too brooding. Goes with almost everything, especially the New World sense of adventure and “roll up your sleeves and get to it work” ethic.


Rosie – Office Mascot

12" tall and 12" wide, Rosie is our adorable pug. Her huge personality makes her right at home at Elarbee Media.

Cocktail Personality: Sneaks a sip of Strongbow when no body is watching.

rosie at the pub